Hogendorn Lectures

The generosity of alumnus Jan Hogendorn '60 has allowed the department to sponsor the annual Hogendorn Lecture, whereupon a Wesleyan alumnus who has gone on to a career in economics has come back to deliver a talk, thereby providing a good example for other Wesleyanites to follow.


2019 James Feigenbaum '08

2018 Matt Baker '93

2017 Tara Watson '96

2016 Kira Markiewicz Fabrizio '97

2015 Jon Bakija ' 90

2014 Marc Nachmann '91 

2013 Coleman Bazelon '86

2012 Diana Farrell ‘87

2011 Gary Loveman ‘82

2010 Sandy Krieger ‘76

2009 Joyce Manchester ‘78

2008 Samuel Kortum ‘83

2007 Donald Sexton '63

2006  W. David Montgomery '66

2005 Lawrence Kenny '72

2004 John Hanson '64

2003 Lael Brainard '83

2002 Jan Hogendorn '60

2001 Leonard Burman '75

2000 Steven Sheffrin '72

1999 Loren Brandt '77

1998 John Lipsky '68

1997 William Johnson '68

1996 Kenneth West '73

1995 Roy Epstein '77

1994 Juliet Schor '75

1993 David Lipton '75

1992 Alan Marcus '76

1991 Dale Henderson '63

1990 Warren Weber '65

1989 Jeffrey Williamson '57



Spring 89 Jeffrey Williamson '57

Harvard University

"Did British Labor Markets Fail During the Industrial Revolution?"


Spring 90 Warren Weber '65

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

"Nonfundamental Uncertainty and Exchange Rates"


Spring 91 Dale Henderson '63

Federal Reserve Board of Governors

"Monetary Policy in Interdependent Economies: A Game Theoretic Approach"


Spring 92 Alan Marcus '76

Boston College

"What's Special about the Specialist?"


Fall 93 David Lipton '75

Assistant Treasury Secretary

"The FSU: What is to be Done Now?"


Spring 94 Juliet Schor '75

Harvard University

"The Overworked American"


Spring 95 Roy Epstein '77

Analysis Group, Inc.

"Antitrust and Higher Education: Was There a Conspiracy to Restrict Financial Aid?"


Spring 96 Ken West '73

University of Wisconsin

"Business Investment and Output Fluctuations in Japan"


Spring 97 Bill Johnson '68

University of Virginia

"Black-White Wage Differences and Pre-Market Skills"


Fall 97 John Lipsky '68

Chase Manhattan

"The Asian Crisis, Global Growth, and the International Financial System"


Fall 99 Loren Brandt '77

University of Toronto

"Property Rights, Labour Markets, and Efficiency in a Transition Economy:

The Case of Rural China"


Spring 00 Steven Sheffrin '72

University of California-Davis

"Property Taxes and Tax Revolt"


Spring 01 Leonard Burman '75

Georgetown University and Urban Institute

"First Do No Harm: Can Tax Incentives Increase Health Coverage?"


Spring 02 Jan Hogendorn '60

Colby College

"The Expensive Monetary Transition of the British West African Colonies

with Some Lessons for Today's Developing Countries"


Spring 03 Lael Brainard '83

Brookings Institution

"Smoothing the Rough Edges of the Global Economy: Is America Up to the Task?"


Spring 04 John Hanson '64

Texas A&M

"The Contingency of Economic Freedom"


Spring 05 Lawrence Kenny '72

University of Florida

"Tax Systems in the World: An Empirical Investigation into the Importance of Tax Bases,

Administration Costs, Scale and Political Regime"



Spring 06 W. David Montgomery '66

CRA International

"Designing Climate Change Policies to Create Credible Incentives for R&D"



Spring 07 Donald Sexton '63

Columbia University

"How Branding Affects Shareholder Value"


Spring 08 Samuel Kortum '83

University of Chicago

"Global Rebalancing with Gravity: Measuring the Burden of Adjustment"


Spring 09 Joyce Manchester '78

Congressional Budget Office

"Earnings of Social Security Beneficiary Couples: Evidence from a Recent Program Rule


Spring 10 Sandy Krieger ‘76

New York Fed

"Understanding the Federal Reserve's Response to the Financial Crisis"


Spring 11 Gary Loveman ‘82

Caesars Entertainment CEO

"Academic Rigor, Analytics and Business Perspectives-A View from Las Vegas"


Spring 12 Diana Farrell ‘87

Deputy Director, National Economic Council

"2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act accomplishments, shortfalls and lessons for regulatory reform"


Spring 13 Coleman Bazelon ‘ 86

The Brattle Group

"Fixing Market Failures: An Economist's Approach to Policy Analysis"