The Economics Minor

Admission to the Minor

Completion of ECON110 with a grade of C+ or higher and completion of, or current enrollment in, ECON300. A student who fails to obtain a grade of C+ or higher in ECON110 may declare the minor only after the student obtains a grade of C+ or higher in ECON300.

Minor Requirements

Students minoring in economics must complete five graded courses in addition to ECON110.

  • Three are the core courses: ECON300, ECON301, and ECON302.
  • One of the two electives must be an upper-tier elective, numbered 305 to 399.
  • One of the two electives may be either an upper- or lower-tier elective (205 to 299).
  • No courses numbered 401 or higher may count toward the minor.
  • No courses in other departments, including CSS, may count toward the minor.
  • One elective course in economics taken elsewhere may count toward the minor as the lower-tier elective only, subject to the department chair’s approval.

All courses counted toward the economics minor must be taken for a letter grade.