Spring, 2017 Seminar Schedule

Wednesdays at 4:20 PM
Room 422, Public Affairs Center

Visitors: Driving directions and a campus map are available.

Date Speaker Title

January 30      

Mahama Samir Bandaogo (University of Washington) "Fiscal and Monetary Policy in the Presence of Informality and the Incentive to Join a Currenty Union"

February 1

Jae Hoon Choi (University of California, Santa Cruz)
"Capital Controls and Foreign Exchange Market Intervention"
February 2

Gillian Brunet (University of California, Berkley)

"Stimulus on the Home Front: The State-level Effects of WWII Spending"
March 1

Eric Ohrn (Grinnell College)

"Investment and Employment Responses to State Adoption of Federal Accelerated Depreciation Policies"
March 9

Lin Peng (Baruch College, CUNY)

"CEO Incentives: Measurement, Determinants, and Impace on Performance"
March 29

Panel of Speakers - PAC 125

Bill Barber: A Celebration of his Intellectual and Collegial Contributions
April 6

Michael Lorenzo (Visiting Professor, Wesleyan University)

"Real Exchange Rate Misalignment and Non-Homothetic Preferences"
April 12

Nichole Szembrot (Trinity College)

"Perceptions of Special Interest Influence and Voting Behavior"
April 19

Hogendorn Lecture
Tara Watson (Williams College)

"Promating Preventative Health Care: The Impact of Incentives, Endowment Effects, and Trust"

May 4

Anja Tolonen (Barnard College)
"Local Industrial Shocks and Infant Mortality"