Spring, 2018 Seminar Schedule

Wednesdays at 4:20 PM
Room 422, Public Affairs Center

Visitors: Driving directions and a campus map are available.


January 31

Timothy J. Bartik (Upjohn Institute) "The Effects of the
Kalamazoo Promise
Scholarship on College
Enrollment, Persistence,
and Completion"
Feburary 7 Laura Gee (Tufts Unviersity)
"One Way: Does Belief of Being Pivotal Increase Donations?"
February 14 Christopher Hoag (Trinity College)

"Clearinghouse Loan
Certificates as a Lender
of Last Resort"

THURSDAY at 11:50am   February 22

Nadya Malenko (Boston College)

"Deadlock on the Board"
THURSDAY at 11:50am
March 29


Matt Baker ' 93 (Hunter College)

"Foundations of the Age-Aea Hypothesis"
THURSDAY at 11:50am
April 12

Vis Taraz (Smith College )

"Do Workfare Programs
Promote Climate
Resilience and Food
from Indian Agriculture"                                

April 18

John Turner (Queen's Unviersity in Belfast)

 "Private Contracting, Law and Finance"

THURSDAY at 11:50am
April 26

Caleb Stroup (Davidson College)

"The State of Published
Macroeconomic Research"