Wednesdays at 4:15 PM
Room 125, Public Affairs Center

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Date Speaker Title
September 28 Suparna Chakraborty
Baruch College CUNY
"Cherry-Picking Winners or Aiding the Distressed? Anatomy of a Financial crisis intervention"
October 12 Andreas Waldkirsch
Colby College
"Foreign Ownership, Productivity and Transition in a Least Developed Country: Firm-Level Evidence"
October 19 Bob Cull
World Bank
"Improving Access to Banking: Evidence from Kenya"
October 26 Douglas Irwin
"What Caused the 1937-38 Recession?"
November 2 Gary Gorton
Yale University
"Collateral Crises"
November 9 Marcelo Bianconi
"Firm Value, Investment and Monetary Policy"
November 30 Martha Olney
UC Berkeley and Sienna College
"From Skip to Hapless Victim: Institutional Response to the Twentieth Century Evolution of Consumer Credit"
December 7 Daniel MacKay
University of Richmond
"Estimating the Impact of Investment Tax Credits on Aircraft Demand"