SPRING 2013 Seminar Schedule

Wednesdays at 4:15 PM
Room 125, Public Affairs Center

Visitors: Driving directions and a campus map are available.

Date Speaker Title
February 13

Niels-Hugo Blunch (Williams School of Commerce)

“Teenager in Love: Skills, Schooling and Teenage Pregnancy in Ghana”
February 27

David Myers (Wes Class 82) (Lehigh University)

“Performance and Predictability of Social Screens”
March 6 Eric Hilt (Wellesley College) “Economic Effect of Funs on Early “Shadow Banks" Trust Companies and the impact on the Panic of 1907”
March 27 Debra Aron (Navigant Consulting Inc.) "An Empirical Analysis of Regulator Mandates on the Pass
Through of Switched Access Fees for In-State Long-Distance
Telecommunications in the U.S. "
April 3 Will Olney (Williams and a Wesleyan Alumni) "Remittances and the Wage Impact of Immigration"
April 17 Peter Bergman (RAND) The More You Know: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Parent-Child Information Frictions and Human Capital Investment


April 18


Coleman Bazelon
Hogendorn Lecture

"Fixing Market Failures: An Economist's Approach to Policy Analysis"

May 1 Mev Akbulut-Yuksel (Dalhousie) "War during Childhood: The Long Run Effects of Warfare on Health"