SPRING 2012 Seminar Schedule

Wednesdays at 4:15 PM
Room 125, Public Affairs Center

Visitors: Driving directions and a campus map are available.

Date Speaker Title

March 7

Gullermo Vulletin
Colby College

"How is the Tax Policy Conducted Over the Business Cycle"

March 28

David Jaeger CUNY

"Are Drone Strikes Effective in Afghanistan and Pakistan? On the Dynamics of Violence between the United States and the Taliban"

April 4

David Harrington
Kenyon College 
and Wesleyan University

"Regulating Direct Cremations: The Cost of Semmingly Small Regulatory Changes"

April 10

Kalpana Kolchar
World Bank

"The Life of an Economist at the IMF and World Bank"

April 19

Thomas Miceli UCONN

"Holdups and Holdouts: What do they have in Common?"

April 26

Diana Farrell


"2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act accomplishments, shortfalls and lessons for regulatory reform"

May 2

Alejandro Zentner UT-Dallas

"Entry and Competition: Evidence from the Brazilian Movie Exhibition Industry"