Study Abroad Programs for E&ES Majors

Many E&ES majors take advantage of the international programs offered in the Wesleyan curriculum. Participation in approved programs includes transfer of all credits and financial aid. Requirements vary for each program (e.g., language), so check with the Fries Center for Global Studies: Office of Study Abroad for further information, application materials and other opportunities not listed here.

Wesleyan approved programs most visited by E&ES majors are listed below. These programs change, so please check with the E&ES chair to determine the eligibility of a program for E&ES credit.

Sea Semester

University of Otago, New Zealand, Dept. of Geology

School for Field Studies

James Cook University, Townsville, Australia, Marine Sciences and Environmental Sciences

School for International Training

Organization for Tropical Studies, Costa Rica

SUNY Plattsburgh Programs in Chile

Denmark's International Study Program - Geology of Iceland, Marine and Arctic Biology

University College, Dublin, Department of Geology