E&ES Colloquium Schedule

Unless noted, all colloquia are Thursdays 11:50-12:50 in Exley 405.  Campus Map

Fall 2018

September 20: Noah Planavsky, Yale University: "Controls on Earth's long-term Climate".

October 4: E&ES Majors' Open House, Field Camp and Summer Research Opportunities.

October 11: Steven D'Hondt, Professor of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island: "Life Beneath the Sea Floor".

October 25: Kathryn Hansen, Science Writer and Digital Storyteller, NASA: "Telling Earth's Story Through the Eyes of Satellites".

November 1: Jérémy Brossier, Wesleyan: "What is happening in Titan's equatorial belt"?

November 29: Shun Karato, Yale University: "Terrestrial Magma Ocean Origin of the Moon: An Attempt to Solve (Rescue) the Isotopic Crisis".

Spring 2019

February 7: Meredith Townsend, Brown University, University of Oregon: "Go, stow, or blow? Insights on magma transport, storage, and eruption from mechanical modeling and field observations".

FRIDAY, February 15 @ 12:15: Mary Droser, University of California, Riverside: "Creatures of the slime: Ecology and Biology of Earth's earliest animals".

March 7: Senior Seminar presentations.

March 28: Jason House, Woodard & Curran Inc.: "Groundwater Modeling 101: The Subtle Science and Exact Art".

April 18: Senior thesis presentations.

April 25: Jamie Barnes, University of Texas: Hydrothermal systems.