Ava Olson, Student Fellow

“I’ve always had a passion for meaningful social activism, and I’m super excited to be a part of such a supportive, unique team that is collaboratively striving for a more inclusive and equitable future for both Wesleyan students and Middletown residents alike.”

Ava Olson ’25 is a College of Social Studies major from Wayne, Pennsylvania. At Wesleyan, she is on the Women’s Crew team and is involved with the Eclectic Society, which provides collaborative artistic and discussion spaces, and promotes diverse thinking with an emphasis on elevating underrepresented perspectives and radical ideologies. She wants to hear about the other Fellows’ experiences and use the wisdom and knowledge she gains from those interactions.

She views the Embodying Antiracism Think Tank as a chance to create an environment on campus where people can feel comfortable in their skin and confident in their dreams, no matter how they identify. Olson’s project may include her gathering anonymous confessions, aspirations, and opinions and presenting those in an artwork. She believes her piece could encourage open communication around race, gender, and socioeconomic status, and help to break down the labels or barriers that separate us. Olson would like to ultimately unite people in the Middletown area by fostering an understanding that "we are all human, we all face unique challenges, and we are all capable of influencing the world around us in a positive way."

Click here to visit her art account on Instagram, focused on sculpture and design.

Image by Sandy Aldieri of Perceptions Photography.