Meet the Fellows

Meet the Fellows for the inaugural Embodying Antiracism Initiative Think Tank, which will take place during the 2022–2023 academic year at Wesleyan University.

Student Fellows

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    Olivia Adams

    “I'm excited for the conversations and discussions that will develop throughout the year and how we will all become stronger artists by learning from one another...I hope I will learn discipline in my craft and ways to draw inspiration during bleak times.” Read more about Olivia Adams...
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    Courtney Joseph

    “I’m most excited to be surrounded by people who can further ignite my passion and allow me to make the change I’ve been wanting…We should be elaborating on the intersections of marginalization, exploring how we can normalize diversity rather than emphasizing it.” Read more about Courtney Joseph...
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    Ava Olson

    “I’ve always had a passion for meaningful social activism, and I’m super excited to be a part of such a supportive, unique team that is collaboratively striving for a more inclusive and equitable future for both Wesleyan students and Middletown residents alike.” Read more about Ava Olson...

Community Fellows

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    Sacha Armstrong-Crockett

    “Black storytellers have always provided an example of what healing justice can look like…Although there is no one way to live a Black life, there is a shared experience we can't deny...I'm very interested in fostering Black expression without inserting white definitions of our humanity.” Read more about Sacha Armstrong-Crockett...
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    Kerry Kincy

    “I am most fascinated by the effects of systematic inequality formed by race in individuals and collectively in communities. The ability to utilize the arts to communicate the experience of racism is weaved into my work within different populations of invisible people. Art is paramount in generating deeper connections to self and an awareness for the experiences of others. Art affords equitable power sharing.” Read more about Kerry Kincy...
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    Barbara McClane

    “My artistic interest is in capturing each unique personality. I have been fortunate enough to put that artistry to work on behalf of showcasing members of our local BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. Using my talent to serve others; building collective power through visibility; and volunteering in ways that bring joy and wellness to the communities I belong to is both important to me and crucial to my own growth and development." Read more about Barbara McClane...

Faculty Fellows

Visiting Guest Artist Fellows

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    Ryan Dobrin

    “I am a theater practitioner, deeply interested in unilateral mentorship, shared leadership, flexible processes, human-first practices, and in the re-interrogation of dramaturgically-sound spectacle…The work I choose to engage with…often asks questions of morality and our place in the world.” Read more about Ryan Dobrin...
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    Jerome Haferd

    “As a Black, mixed race, and LGBTQ+, my practice of architectural and urban design, teaching, research, and advocacy seeks the transformation of design practice through the lens of Land, Blackness, Indigeneity, and other historically marginalized subjects and modes of cultural and spatial production. This expanded practice includes innovative collaborations and curricular engagements in sites and with communities outside the mainstream 'canon' of architecture.” Read more about Jerome Haferd...
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    nia love

    “Black feminist thought and critical engagement with love are the foundation of my daily practice. I cultivate a domestic space that anchors me, inspired by the work of Black feminist scholars…I am intent on Black intimacy, Black love, Black family and care, that are NOT mediated by capital and violence, working to always expand our notions of art, blackness, family, and freedom.” Read more about nia love...