Ethics in Society Funding Opportunities for Developing Courses for 2007-08

Wesleyan is committed to offering strong, innovative, and diverse ethical reasoning courses that will allow students from across disciplines to think carefully and critically about contemporary and historical ethical issues. In order to add to the increasing number of ethical reasoning courses across the curriculum, we invite you to apply for an Ethical Reasoning Capability Summer Development Grant.  These grants will support the re-design and development of undergraduate courses that will satisfy the Ethical Reasoning Capability.   If you have an existing course that you think could be redesigned to incorporate a significant ethical reasoning component or are interested in developing a new course that will have an emphasis on ethical reasoning and can offer the course during the 2007-2008 academic year, then you may apply for 2006 summer funding. Proposed courses may be introductory or advanced, small or large, satisfy major requirements or be an elective. Whatever the format, the courses should enhance regular departmental offerings.

We expect to award 5-6 faculty grants of $3,000 to the most promising applications.

Successful applicants will be provided with a list of resources to aid work over the summer to re-design an existing course or develop a new one.  They will also attend one half-day ethics workshop in the Fall 2006 and attend syllabi design sessions before submitting CIDs for 2007-2008.

Applications are due to the Ethics in Society Project c/o Lori Gruen by May 15, 2006.  A committee will review applications and successful applicants will be notified of awards will occur by June 1st. 

Feel free to contact Lori Gruen ( for further details.