Ethical Reasoning Course Summer Development Grant Application

Please include the following information in your funding proposal:

Faculty name and title                                              

Sponsoring department/program

Name of proposed course


Expected semester to be offered:  Fall 2007                    Spring 2008

1) Provide a brief course description. 

2) Briefly describe why you believe the proposed course could satisfy the ethical reasoning capability.   For
courses where an ethics module is to be developed, explain how the ethics content will be integrated
and how ethics issues will be motivated.

3) If you are proposing modifications to an existing course, please submit an existing syllabus and indicate
how and where the substantial modifications will occur.

4)  If you are proposing a new course, please provide a rough idea of how ethical reasoning will be addressed.

5)  How will the ethical reasoning component enhance student understanding of the subject matter of
your course?

6) How often might you teach the course?  To what extent will it be treated as a normal part of your
teaching schedule?

7) Please indicate any background in ethics that you have.

8) Please indicate what specific materials, information, and resources you hope to have available to aid
you in the development of the course.

Please submit a statement from the chair of your department confirming the proposed course is intended to
be taught in the 2007-8 year.

Thank you.

Please submit via e-mail by May 15, 2006 to the Ethics in Society Project c/o Lori Gruen (