Fine Appeals Form

You have 30 days from receiving a notice of a violation to submit an appeal. You will be notified by email prior to the next scheduled appeals committee meeting. You are welcome to attend, but are not required to do so. You will receive an email from one of the WSA representatives with the committee's decision within 4 days of the meeting.

Please note: All fines in multiple-occupancy rooms (one-room doubles, two-room doubles, triples) will be split between roommates until the person responsible notifies the Appeals Board via this appeal form.

For questions regarding fire safety fines please contact Chris Cruz - Manager of Campus Fire Safety at or by phone - office: 860-685-3300

For questions regarding damages and/or cleaning charges please contact Jeff Sweet - Facilities Management, Associate Director at or by phone - office: 860-685-3763. 

The person who is taking responsibility for prohibited items found in a multiple-occupancy room should fill in the appeal form, and under "Reason for Appeal" indicate the prohibited items that they accept responsibility for. Also include the name(s) of the roommate(s) that should be credited.

*You cannot appeal a fine that is associated with a code violation in which you were found responsible by the (SJB) Student Judicial Board.