Eligibility: To become a candidate for honors in German studies, a student must have earned a B+ or better in all German studies courses above GRST211. 

Candidacy: A prospectus must be handed in and approved by the prospective tutor or the department chair by the end of Reading Period in the spring of the junior year. Enrollment in senior thesis tutorials (409 and 410) is required. Candidates for honors in German Studies and another department or program may be required to have two thesis tutors. The two departments or programs must agree in advance about the tutoring arrangement and evaluation of the honors project.

Honors projects: Honors can be earned only for two-semester projects.

Deadlines: Deadlines for nomination to candidacy and submission of the honors project are set by the Committee on Honors.

Evaluation and award of honors: Honors projects will be evaluated by the tutor(s) and at least two other readers. A student receiving high honors may, at the department’s discretion and subject to the guidelines of the Committee on Honors, be nominated to take the oral examination for University Honors.

Past Honors Projects

Capstone Projects

Students who wish to undertake a one-semester capstone project have wide latitude as to the topic, medium, and form they choose. They should discuss their idea with the chair of the department and enroll in an individual tutorial (GRST 401 or 402) supervised by a member of the German Studies faculty or an affiliated faculty member