Study Abroad

GERMANY:  Approved academic-year programs

Duke in Berlin
Fall, Spring, or Full year. Wesleyan requires German 211 or the equivalent. Students enrolled for the entire academic year or for the spring semester only may take courses at the Freie University, Humboldt University or the Technical University. Internships are also available upon request. Please contact the German Studies faculty for more information.

Smith in Hamburg
Full-year or spring only. The language requirement for the full-year program is GRST212 or the equivalent. For the spring semester only, we require GRST211 or the equivalent. Students will be able to take courses at Hamburg University and the Technical University. Please contact the German Studies faculty and watch this video for more information.

We encourage you to discuss your plans for studying in Germany with a faculty from the German Studies department. All courses to be taken abroad need to be approved by the chair of the German Studies department. You can earn up to 2 credits over the summer. These courses will need to be approved by your class dean and the chair of the German Studies department.

For information on how to apply to a study abroad program, please contact our Study Abroad Office.  Wesleyan financial aid applies to study abroad.

Please make sure to check the application procedures and deadlines for your program as well Wesleyan's, as the deadlines may be different.