Grants, Fellowships, Prizes and Internships

Fellowship Opportunities

For Germany, the Fulbright Program offers more grants for university study, projects in the arts, and teaching assistantships in English than for any other country. Students interested in Fulbrights should consult the Fulbright Program Advisor, Kate Smith, in the Fries Center for Global Studies. Only American citizens are eligible for Fulbright grants. Teaching assistantships for American citizens are also available through USTA (U.S. Teaching Assistantships at Austrian Secondary Schools). Students of all nationalities are eligible for the study/research grants and grants in the arts sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and for grants provided through the Baden-Württemberg–Connecticut Exchange. For the latter two categories of grants, students should consult Professor Krishna Winston in the German Studies Department.

The Helmut and Erika Reihlen Fund

In 2017 Dr. Helmut Reihlen ’55, Sci.D. hon., and Dr. Erika Reihlen generously established a fund whose income supports especially meritorious student projects in German studies, including but not limited to research for theses and capstone projects. Please complete the application form.


Students who demonstrate excellence in the study of German may be candidates for prizes given from the Scott, Prentice, and Blankenagel funds.



The Center for Research and Innovation also lists many resources for undergraduates, including funding opportunities, internships, etc.