Faculty Fellowships

We encourage all Wesleyan faculty members to apply for a semester-long Faculty Fellowship at the Center for Humanities.  Faculty Fellows spend their time pursuing an original project that coincides with the theme for the semester, attending the Monday night lecture series and Tuesday morning colloquia, and teaching one course that is germane to their research project. In addition, Faculty Fellows are afforded the opportunity to attend dinners, lunches and informal discussions with prominent scholars invited to participate in the conversation about the semester's theme. Faculty Fellows are provided with an office, research support, a student research assistant, and teach only one course during their semester in residence at the Center for the Humanities.

Please note that Faculty Fellows are expected to spend the majority of their time in residence at the Center for the Humanities. We are deeply committed to facilitating our Faculty Fellows research needs and expect a reciprocal commitment. Your application serves as affirmation that you understand and agree to this commitment.

The Center for the Humanities lecture series is held on Monday evening at 6:00 pm and colloquia are held on Tuesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., including lunch.  Faculty Fellows are accordingly required to reserve that time in their schedules.

The themes for the 2018/2019 academic year are "Corporeal Techniques and Technologies" and "Hyperbole: Sense, Sensation, Spectacle" . Please see here for a detailed description of both themes. 

Finally, department chairs are required to countersign Fellow applications to ensure that the one course relief received as a Fellow of the Center will not leave a serious gap in a department or program’s offerings.  Replacement appointments for faculty who hold Center fellowships cannot be presumed.

Applications are due on MONDAY, OCTOBER 9. Selection of the faculty fellows by the Advisory Board of the Center will be made in early November and notifications will follow.