Research Fellowship

The Center for the Humanities may grant a small number of non-stipendiary Research Fellowships for a semester or a year to scholars working in the humanities or the social sciences. Research Fellows are given the use of an office at the Center, together with the services and resources that the Center provides.  The duties of Research Fellows include attendance at all lectures sponsored by the Center and participation in the colloquia that follow the lectures. Research Fellows are also expected to work in their Center offices while the university is in session. Each Fellow may be asked to deliver one public lecture.

The Fellowship is primarily designed for innovative scholars with paid sabbaticals or with fellowship grants from a source outside Wesleyan (such as the Guggenheim Foundation or the National Endowment for the Humanities) or for graduate students with stipends.

Arrangements for Research Fellowships are informal and individual. Letters of application, addressed to the Director, should contain a brief statement of plans for research while at the Center, and a resume.  Applicants should also arrange for one letter of reference to be sent to the Director.