Collaborations with Academic Disciplines

The following is a list of initatives, workshops, and other resources intended to advance equity and inclusion in academic departments at Wesleyan University.

Our Voices in S.T.E.M. Meeting

  • Proposed next steps
    • Establish Equity & Inclusion Workshop series for Faculty

    • Expand Equity & Inclusion Workshop series for course assistants and teaching assistants

    • Establish a committee for equity and inclsuion in S.T.E.M.

    • Support and increase promotion of Society for Underrepresented Students in STEM (SUSS), Women in Science (WIS), and Female Economist of Wesleyan (FEW)

  • List of faculty participants

    Adelstein Richie Economics
    Blumel Reinhold Physics
    Bodznick David Biology, N&B
    Boulware Karl Economics
    Constantine David Math
    Danner Norman Computer Science
    Dierker Lisa Psychology
    Ellis Fred Physics
    Gilmore Martha E&ES
    Gloster Aaron Biology
    Gosman Martin Economics
    Grabel Laura Biology
    Hughes Meredith Astronomy
    Jacobsen Joyce DII Dean, Economics
    Johnson Ruth Biology
    Licata Dan Computer Science
    Loui Psyche Psychology, N&B
    Morgan Tom Physics
    Mukerji Ishita DIII Dean, MBB
    Murolo Michelle MBB
    Novick Stewart Chemistry
    O'Connell Suzanne E&ES
    Olson Rich MBB
    Othon Christina Physics
    Patalano Andrea Psychology, N&B
    Pollack David Math
    Roth Michael President
    Singer Michael Biology
    Stewart Brian Physics
    Taylor Erika Chemistry
    Voth Greg Physics
    Weir Michael Biology
    Weissman Ruth Provost
    Westmoreland David Chemistry

Student Organizations