New Features in Excel 2016

  • New Data Features

There are now ways, in the new Data tab, to query all kinds of data sources, such as other file types, database types and other sources -- such as the Web. You can also combine queries and transform your data. So Power Query is no longer an add-in to Access, it's just built into Excel. There is now one-click forecasting from the Data tab. The 3D geospatial visualization tool, Power Map, has been renamed 3D Maps, and is now built in to Excel.

  • Visualization

There are several new chart types available to provide useful views of your data, including Funnel, Treemap, Sunburst, Histogram, Box & Whisker and Waterfall.

  • Office Insights

Excel now has Office Insights support for looking up information on the Web within the context of your document.

  • Writing Tools

There are improvements to autocomplete, concatenation, and joining text.

  • PivotTable

PivotTable has been significantly enhanced with several new features: automatic relationship detection, custom measures, automatic time grouping, drill-down buttons, search, smart rename and various usability improvements.

  • Equations

Equations can now be written out, then transformed into their text equivalent.

  • Shapes and Images

Formatting shapes and inserting and adjusting pictures is greatly improved.

  • It Works for You

As with the other new Office applications, there is a smart function called "Tell Me" that will quickly find the right function or button to suit what you want to do.

  • Stay Connected

As with other Office 365 applications, you can "Share" your document in new ways.