New Features in Powerpoint 2016

  • Theme Variants

Powerpoint 2016 for Mac includes theme variants, which provide a simple way to switch between various color schemes and designs. Simply click a variant to preview. Every theme included with Powerpoint 2016 includes variants, giving even more design options than before

  • New Format Options Pane

There’s a new “format options” pane, which places all the format properties next to your content to simplify editing. You’ll be able to preview your changes as you make them. This will enable a more fluid workflow.

  • Redesigned Animations Pane

The Animations pane has been redesigned to allow for rapid changes. This should help in the quick and easy building of both simple and complex animations.

  • Comments Pane + Media

No need to add shapes for comments anymore. The comment pane allows for comments and replies to be added right next to slides – easily track discussion threads. The media playback engine was improved for better embedded media playback.

  • Presenter View

Improved presenter view now offers more tools in a new layout. Make use of speaker notes, navigate through slides with Thumbnails, or resize the layout for your needs. PowerPoint will remember where you had everything when you come back.