Lecture Capture

Faculty may request to have their lectures recorded and made available online for their students.

There are several options for faculty looking to record classroom lectures:

  1. Screen Capture. There are a number of screen capture options. For example, PowerPoint has feature for recording voice over a slide show. Information on how to record in PowerPoint is available here. Software with more features are also available for purchase, such as ScreenFlow or Audacity. Zoom also a has recording feature that can be capture a lecture over a slide show presentation. Information on how to record in Zoom is available here.
  2. Echo360. Faculty have access to Echo360.org either via Moodle or the cloud, where they can access and download Classroom Capture or Personal Capture along with a PowerPoint ribbon for Windows platform. In effect, this means this service is available across campus. 

    In addition, class sessions to be recorded are scheduled online at the beginning of the semester. The recording, file transfer, media preparation and distribution to course Moodles is all automated. Alternately, after faculty have been guided in how to connect their video to their course they can upload content manually to Moodle. Two types of automated capture are supported:

    • Screen capture and audio capture abilities are available in Exley 58, Judd 113, Allbritton 204, and HA84.

    • Screen capture and audio/video capture abilities are available in Exley 150 and Shanklin 107.

If you're interested in finding out more about classroom recording or lecture capture, please create a support ticket in Service Now and a member of our team will contact you shortly.