How to Apply to the Latin American Studies Major

Admission to the major requires (a) competence in Spanish; (b) an academic record that shows ability both in Latin American Studies and in the intended department of concentration; and (c) a judgment by the core Latin American Studies (LAST) faculty that you are likely to be able to maintain a grade point average of B- or better in all courses taken at Wesleyan that are cross-listed with Latin American Studies.

To graduate as a Latin American Studies major, you are expected to complete Stage II of the General Education Expectations and to maintain a grade point average of B- or better in all Latin American Studies-crosslisted courses taken at Wesleyan.

To Become a Last Major

  1. Click the Major Declaration link in the "Wesleyan Career" bucket in your student electronic portfolio and submit an electronic application to the major.
  2. Come back to this webpage and download the LAST Major Application Form and the LAST Status Sheet. Fill out both forms (after you download them, you will see that they are "fillable" .pdf files that you can fill in by typing) and send both filled-out forms as email attachments to the current LAST chair (whose address you will find on the left hand menu under Contact Us) We shall need your LAST application form and LAST status sheet well before the deadline for declaring the Latin American Studies major if we are to review them with sufficient care to approve your major application.
  3. The core Latin American Studies faculty will review your LAST major application form and LAST status sheet, as well as your academic record, to make sure that they meet the expectations described above. If we approve your application to become a Latin American Studies major, "approved" will replace "pending" in the Major Declaration part of your student portfolio. If we have any questions we'll contact you.

Choosing a Concentration

Students are expected to choose a department of concentration that has a Latin American Studies-affiliated faculty member. Currently those concentrations are Anthropology, Economics, History, Government, Hispanic Literatures and Cultures or Theater.