The Research Requirement for LAST Majors

To graduate as a LAST major, a student must satisfy the LAST research requirement. The requirement is satisfied by writing a paper that is centrally concerned with Latin America and that is:

On a topic of the major's own choosing (i.e., the student must originate the topic)
At least 20 pages in length
Graded B- or better

The paper must be (1) written in a class or tutorial where the instructor is formally affiliated with the LAST program, or (2) read and approved by a faculty member who is affiliated with the LAST program.

The paper may be written in either English or Spanish, and may be completed in the context of a study-abroad program as long as it is read and approved by a faculty member who is formally affiliated with the LAST program.

A thesis or senior essay conforming to the conditions just stipulated will satisfy the LAST research requirement.

The deadline for completing the LAST research requirement is the close of business on the first day of classes of the spring semester of the LAST major's senior year. On or before this date, LAST majors must submit to their LAST academic advisor a paper meeting the research requirement stipulations listed above.

An exception to this deadline will be made only for LAST majors taking LAST 402 (Individual Tutorial, Undergraduate, Spring) or LAST 410 (Senior Thesis Tutorial, Spring). For students enrolled in either of these tutorials, the deadline for submitting the research requirement paper to the major's LAST advisor is the date on which senior theses are due.