WSA BIPOC Browsing Collection

The BIPOC Browsing Collection is an initiative led by the Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) that aims to bring greater visibility to BIPOC literature and scholarship on campus, including work by Wesleyan faculty and alumni. The collection is built off of literature and media recommendations from the campus community in order to best reflect a diverse set of voices, identities, and experiences. Developed in response to a request put in by a student organization called Ujamaa, WSA senators Sukenia Wilson ‘23, Edrea Jiang ’23, and Anthony Lulgiuraj ‘24 have collaborated with the Library, the Resource Center, and Wesleyan faculty to accomplish this goal. 

The BIPOC Browsing Collection is curated through community suggestions. We invite recommendations from faculty, staff, and students to allow us to continually expand and improve this collection. To submit suggestions or provide feedback, please fill out the below form.

Looking for other ways to become involved with this project?

  • Curate a book display to help highlight different cultures, holidays, or topics of interest
  • Help spread the word about our initiative
  • Provide feedback
  • Curate a book display

    Individual students, student groups, and other Wesleyan community members are invited to submit book display proposals centered on any theme or topic they choose. These book displays may be invitations to celebrate a culture or holiday, raise awareness about historical events or figures, highlight a literary movement, or do something else all together. Any proposal is welcome, and new ideas are encouraged.

    To submit your proposal, contact Lynne Stahl, Humanities & Interdisciplinary Studies Librarian, at at least one month in advance of intended display installation date. Please include in your email:

    • A brief description of your display idea
    • When you would like to install the display, and how long it should stay up
    • A list of titles you would like included (at least 25)