Course Reserve

Course reserve is a library service to obtain and present all readings and audio visual content together in one system for a course.

In Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, all course reserve materials will be online only, and we are using a new course reserve system.

  • Reserve for Courses using Moodle

    If your course uses Moodle, access Course Reserve from within the Moodle course.

    If you do not see a Course Reserve link in Moodle your professor needs to add it to the course.

  • Reserve for Courses not in Moodle

    If your course does not use Moodle, follow this link, choose Find Lists, then search for your course code (e.g. CHEM102).

    If your course uses Moodle please do not use this link; access Reserve from Moodle instead.

  • (For Faculty) Place Materials on Course Reserve

    Faculty can place materials on course reserve, make already requested materials accessible to students or learn more about how to use the course reserve system.