Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Easy Access to Library Resources

The Lean Library browser extension will notify you when you are viewing an academic citation or a paywall access item that is available through Wesleyan University Library's subscriptions. Learn more about what Lean Library does.

Install Lean Library browser extension

Current Faculty, Students, and Staff

Begin from the Wesleyan Library home page or OneSearch or install the above browser extension to ensure our subscription resources will recognize you as coming from Wesleyan.

VPN is not required for accessing library resources, however you need to begin from the library home page or OneSearch even if you are using the Wesleyan VPN.


Access to online library resources is limited to current Wesleyan faculty, students, and staff.

Having trouble? Report the problem to us.

Google Scholar

Add Wesleyan to your Google Scholar > Library links settings so Google Scholar will show links to articles that Wesleyan has access to.



Alumni have access to a subset of online library resources and must access those resources via WesPortal. See Information for Alumni for details.