Recommend a Purchase

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 situation, the library is temporarily ordering electronic resources only (no physical materials).  If your requested title is available in digital format, we will try to order it and notify you.  If only available in print/physical format, we will follow up and obtain your requested titles as soon as possible when the library returns to greater functionality.

We enthusiastically encourage Wesleyan students, faculty, and staff to recommend new resources for the library to consider for purchase. You may suggest books, ebooks, journals, or other scholarly resources. Your research needs are a vital component of the library’s ongoing collection development.

Please submit the form below or email purchase suggestions to 

The library typically approves and orders requested titles very quickly. Arrival dates vary depending on availability. We will hold the item and notify you as soon as it is available for use.  

If you are a faculty member requesting an item for an academic course reserve, please submit a course reserve request instead.