Carrels & Storage Lockers

  • Honors Thesis Carrels

    The library offers library carrels for undergraduate thesis writers. Seniors who are Honors candidates may apply to receive a carrel.

    In order to retain a carrel, a student must remain on the list of Honors candidates.  The list is regularly reissued throughout the academic year, and students with carrels who are not on the current Honors list will be required to vacate their carrel.

    All students must surrender their carrels as soon as they complete their theses. Keys must be returned in April 2024. Failure to return your key on time will result in an $85 charge to your student account for a lock change.

    Carrel Application Process

    Two students will be assigned to share each carrel, ensuring that all thesis writers can be assigned a carrel and eliminating the need for a waitlist.

    Students have the option of choosing a person with whom to share a carrel or receiving a randomly-assigned carrel partner. Students may also indicate their preferred library for their carrel.

    Applying for a Carrel

    Dates for the 2023/2024 carrel lottery
    During the fall semester the carrel lottery will begin and carrel applications will be available in WesPortal from the Honors Carrel Application link in the Library category. The application will be open from September 4-15.

    Carrels will be assigned randomly, honoring students' library preference whenever possible. Students who have not indicated a carrel partner will be assigned a partner randomly. Lottery results will be available after October 16.

    Carrel keys can be picked up from the Olin Reserve Desk from October 16-25. Please wait until you receive an email notifying you that your key can be picked up.

    Olin Library has closed carrels, but students also have the option of being assigned an open carrel.

    Science Library has carrels on the ground floor that are open workstations with lockable compartments; on the second floor there are an 8 closed carrels that are small rooms open at the bottom and top.

    April 2024: Carrel keys due April 22. Keys must be returned to the Olin Library Reserve desk. $85 fee will be charged through Student Accounts for unreturned carrel keys.

  • Open Carrels

    Olin Library has a limited number of open carrels that can be assigned to any Wesleyan University student. Priority is given to Honors Thesis students who request an open carrel. Remaining carrels are assigned on a first-requested, first-accommodated basis. If you would like to be assigned one of these spaces, please stop in to the Olin Library Office, room 302.

  • Storage Lockers

    Storage lockers are available in both Olin and the Science Library for semester-long rental to any Wesleyan University student and are assigned on a first-requested, first-accommodated basis. Students interested in storing books, notes, or other study materials in the library are encouraged to make use of this offering. 

    If you would like to use an Olin Library locker, please stop in to the Olin Library Office, room 302.

    For Science Library lockers, please see Linda Hurteau, Science Library room 168.