How to Self-submit Your Content to Digital Collections

These instructions guide you through the process of submitting your content to Digital Collections.

Please review the Collection and Submission Policies for more information about the type of content we accept.

  1. Go to Digital Collections and click Login (in the top right corner.)
  2. You will be prompted to sign in using your Wesleyan Single Sign On and then returned to the Digital Collections page.
  3. After logging in, you can access the self-submit forms at
  4. Click on the discipline where you would like to submit your work (usually this will be your primary departmental appointment).
  5. This will you take you to the department's listing of work and give you two options under the department name in the left hand menu bar:
    • Self-submit with DOI - you will copy in a DOI to pull in descriptive information. This method is recommended if you have a DOI from your publisher. It is less work for you and will allow the system to pull in Altmetrics and CrossRef citations for the work.
    • Self-submit - you will enter descriptive information in manually.

Select the option that is right for you.


This menu is also available when you are on your profile page or on a faculty scholarship page. The disciplines listed here will also navigate you to the various faculty scholarship pages.

Self-submit with DOI

  1. Paste the DOI into the Identifier:DOI field and click Search. The system will pull in the information necessary to build a record for your work.

  2. After the fields are auto-populated by the DOI, use the Choose File and Upload buttons to add the associated PDF file from your computer.

  3. Use the Extra Information field to let us know if it should be cross-listed to more than one discipline or provide any other relevant information about the work. 
  4. You will receive an automated email at your Wesleyan email address to let you know that your content has been successfully submitted.
  5. WesScholar managers will also be notified of the submission. They will confirm that sufficient and accurate information has been provided, and then add the work to Digital Collections. Usually this will happen within 5 business days but it may sometimes take longer.