Wesleyan University offers the opportunity to take undergraduate courses on a non-degree basis. 

Non-degree students (currently identified in the Academic Regulations as "Community Scholars") take courses for credit on a non-degree basis. Individuals accepted for this category may enroll in up to four courses in fall and spring with the instructor's approval as long as their enrollment does not displace a degree-seeking student.

Non-degree students may also enroll in Summer and Winter Sessions (see the Summer Session website and the Winter Session website for the information).

Exceptional high school students may be permitted to enroll in an undergraduate course. Interested scholars may email study@wesleyan.edu to request further information. Please include your current grade and area of academic interest.

Financial aid, housing and meal plans are not currently available to Non-degree students.

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Please click the links on the left to learn more about how to apply and tuition. Click here to view Wesleyan courses.

Non-Wesleyan students are also welcome to study as Non-degree students during Summer Session and Winter Session.

Please Note: All application materials for international students must be received by the Continuing Studies office no later than 12 weeks before the first day of class.

For more information about studying at Wesleyan as a Non-degree student, please contact the Office of Continuing Studies: study@wesleyan.edu