The Patricelli Center offers courses through Wesleyan's Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life (CSPL). Offerings vary from year-to-year and are open to students from all classes and majors. For more information about enrollment, syllabi, etc., contact us.


CSPL239 Startup Incubator: The Art and Science of Launching Your Idea
A one-semester, experiential learning program designed to teach and enable student entrepreneurs to develop sustainable business models from their ideas. The program will bring together an ambitious, committed, and diverse group of individuals from all classes and majors who are passionate about developing successful solutions to challenges; identify as entrepreneurs, disruptors, and thought leaders; and have the tenacity, work ethic, and ability to succeed. It is completely fine if you have not yet launched your own business / non-profit etc. You will learn mindsets, critical thinking skills, and practical skills that you can use in any part of your life.

CSPL290/291 Community Impact Residency
The Community Impact Residency brings together Wesleyan students interested in the practice of civic engagement and a cross-section of community stakeholders – local leaders, resident-led groups, nonprofits, and municipal government – committed to creating just, equitable, and sustainable communities. Student participants of this program are assigned a community-based project which they support for the duration of the academic year. 

CSPL420 System Mapping for Social and Environmental Change (student forum)
This 6-week, half credit class helps students think differently about social and environmental change, starting with an understanding of a problem and the systems that create or influence it. One student/team from this course will receive funding to compete in the Map The System global finals at University of Oxford in June.


CSPL262 Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship
In this project-based, cohort-style class, students will learn strategies for understanding social and environmental problems, and they will design interventions to create impact. Each student will select a topic to work on individually or as part of a team throughout the semester. Topics will include root cause analysis, ecosystem mapping, theory of change, human-centered design, business models, leadership and teamwork, impact metrics, storytelling, and more. Some Fellows will develop entrepreneurial projects and ventures while others will find pathways to impact as activists, community organizers, coalition builders, artists, or researchers. 

CSPL480 Engaged Projects
Engaged Projects are independent educational endeavors. Students start with a topic or question that has some connection to their academic pursuits and to the world at large. They recruit a Sponsor with lived or professional expertise related to their topic, and they are matched with two other EP students (their Cohort) who will provide peer advising and accountability. Over the course of one semester, EP students research and analyze their topic, produce a project intended for a public (not academic) audience, and complete reflection essays to document their learning along the way.