Students and Alumni

Graduate Students

Wynnie Avent, Venus Surface

Noah Braunstein, Mars Brines

Rewa Bush, New Horizons Observations of the Local Interstellar Medium

Allison Dowling, Planetary Geology

Mary Clare Greenlees, Planetary Geology

Lisseth Gonzales Quevedo, Exoplanet Atmospheres

Lex Speers, Planetary Geology

Undergraduate Students

Matan Ackelsberg, Circumstellar disks

Victoria Dozer, Circumstellar disks

Owen Gonzales, Circumstellar disks

Josh Grajales, Circumstellar disks

Iris Jiang, Meteoritics

Jamar Kittling, Circumstellar disks

Junu Lee, Circumstellar disks

Elias Mansell, Circumstellar disks

Kyle McGregor, Multiple Planet Systems

Uday Narayanan, Exoplanet Transits

Aliya Nurmohamed, Circumstellar disks

Carlos Ordoñez, Meteoritics

Lucia Rea, Planetary Geology

Erin Readling, Circumstellar disks

Angelina Reddy, Exoplanets Orbiting White Dwarf Stars

Chris Qiushi Tian, Exoplanet Host Monitoring


Margaret Deahn, M.A., 2023
“A Geologic Map of the DAVINCI Probe Descent Imaging Corridor and Touchdown Zone: Alpha Regio, Venus”, now a PhD student at Purdue

Anna Fehr, B.A., 2023
“Parametric Modeling of Debris Disk Density Structure for ARKS” now a PhD student at Harvard

Hannah Lewis, B.A., 2023
“Preschool-age Children’s Use of Spatial Thinking When Making Sense of Astronomical Phenomena” now a PhD student at Univ. North Carolina

Eric Rumsfeld, B.A., 2023
Measuring Dynamical Masses of Gas-Bearing Debris Disk Host Stars” now a PhD student at UC Irvine

Katie Bennett, M.A., 2022
“Searching for Helium in the Extended Atmosphere of the Hot Jupiter WASP-48b”, now a PhD student at Johns Hopkins

Thomas Davoren, M.A., 2022
"Symplectic Chromite-Ulvöspinel-Pyroxene (CUSP) Inclusions in Apollo 12 Olivine Basalts" now a Geology Technician at California State University, Long Beach

Katie Stubbs, M.A., 2022
“Volatile (F, Cl, OH) concentrations in lunar apatites and britholites as a measure of lunar magmatic volatile abundances"

Ava Nederlander, B.A., 2022
Nederlander et al 2021 
Resolving Structure in the Debris Disk around HD 206893 with ALMA ApJ 917 5, now a PhD student at Stony Brook

Cassidy Soloff, B.A., 2022
“Unseen Worlds: A Search for Exoplanet Transits of Bright Early-Type Stars”, now a PhD student at University of Arizona

Megan Delamer, M.A., 2021
"A High Resolution Study of Spectral and Spatial Variations of Dust Properties in the 49 Ceti Debris Disk" now a PHD student at Penn State

Terra Ganey, B.A., 2021
"Volume Of Impact-derived Ejecta And Constraints On Aeolian Processes And Yardang Formation On Venus" now a PhD student at UC Santa Cruz

Xavier Lopez, B.A., 2021
Santos et al. 
Experimental weathering of rocks and minerals at Venus conditions in the Glenn Extreme Environments Rig (GEER), JGR, submitted.

Kimberly Paragas, B.A., 2021
"The Atmospheric Escape Of Close-in Gas Giant Exoplanets" now a PhD student at Caltech

David Vizgan, B.A., 2021
"A Dual-Wavelength Study Of The Vertical Structure Of The AU Microscopii Debris Disk" now a PhD student at Univ. Illinois

Christina Cauley, M.A., 2020
"History of Hydrothermal Activity at Paulina Lake, Newberry Volcano, Oregon USA" now a PhD student at Univ. Oregon

Katharine Hesse, M.A., 2020
"Removing Contaminating Field Stars Around Bright K2 Targets" now mission support for NASA’s TESS mission

Emmy Hughes, B.A., 2020
"Experimental Evaporation and Spectral Analysis of Martian Analogue Brines" 
now a Ph.D. Student at Georgia Tech

Fallon Konow, B.A., 2020
Constructing a Survey of the Local Interstellar Medium Using Hubble Spectranow a PhD student at Georgia State University

Andrew Munro, B.A., 2020
Resor P. G., M. S. Gilmore, A. Munro (2018) Convergent tectonics in a hot? Dry? Mafic? Lithosphere: Mapping and modeling of folding in Venus tessera terrain, Abstract DI32A-07, presented at 2018 Fall Meeting, AGU, Washington, D.C., 10-14 Dec.

Katie Toner, B.A., 2020
Brossier J. F., Gilmore M. S. and Toner K. (2020) Low radar emissivity signatures on Venus volcanoes and coronae: New insights on relative composition and age, Icarus, 343, doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2020.113693

Hunter Vannier, B.A., 2020
Mapping the Local Interstellar Medium:Using Hubble to Look Back at the ISM Along the Sun’s Historical Trajectorynow a PhD student at Purdue

Taylor Forman, M.A., 2019
"Synergistic Relationship Between Copper and Ribosome-Targeting Antibiotics in Close Relatives of B. subtilis ssp. spizizenii"

Jessica Klusmeyer, M.A., 2019
"A Deep Search for Five Molecules in the Debris Disk around 49 Ceti" now an operator at the WIYN telescope on Kitt Peak

Ismael Mireles, M.A., 2019
"Searching for Exoplanets Around the Brightest Stars in K2now a PhD student at the University of New Mexico

Reid Perkins, M.A., 2019
"Using the Venus Crater Population to Constrain Tesserae Ages and Resurfacing" now a Ph.D. Student at Univ. Western Ontario

Jonas Powell, M.A., 2019
"Exploring the Role of Environment in the Composition of ONC Proplyds" now employed at Systems & Technology Research in Woburn, MA

S. Molly Wagner, M.A., 2019
"Venting of Volcanic Hg and CO2 through East Lake, Newberry Volcano, Oregon" 

Michael Henderson, B.A., 2019
"Precision Photometry of Faint White Dwarf Stars from K2 Data” now a PhD student at Clemson University

Evan S. Carter, M.A., 2018
"The Debris Disk Around AU Mic: Measuring the Scale Height as a Proxy for Probing the Strengths of Bodies in the Collisional Cascade" Now a PhD student at UT San Antonio

Jordyn-Marie Dudley, M.A., 2018
"Hydrogen in Eucrite, Angrite, and Ureilite Pyroxene: Implications for Water During the Planetesimal-Embryo Stage of Earth’s Formation" Now a Planetary Geochemist at NASA Johnson Space Flight Center

Zachary S. Lambros, M.A., 2018
"Questing for Minute Traces of Molecular Gas in Circumstellar Debris Disks: AU Microscopii and 49 Ceti Edition" Now at Raytheon

Prajwal Niraula, M.A., 2018
"Planet Hunting and Characterization with K2" Now a PhD student at MIT

Cail Daley, B.A., 2018
"Using Vertical Structure to Infer the Dynamical Mass Hidden in the AU Mic Debris Disk" Now a PhD student at U. Illinois

Alylin Garcia Soto, B.A., 2018
Dramatic X-ray Variability in AGNs: New Insights into Black Hole Fueling", now a PhD student at Dartmouth

Dr. Kristen M. Luchsinger, M.A., 2017
"Blue Skies Through A Blue Sky: An Attempt to Detect Rayleigh Scattering in the Atmospheres of Extrasolar Planets Using a Ground-Based Telescope"  Ph.D. New Mexico State Univ. Now a postdoc at NASA Ames

Dr. Benjamin McKeeby, M.A., 2017
"Weathering and sulfate formation in Sulfur Springs St. Lucia: A Mars analogue site"  Ph.D. Univ. Pittsburgh, Now a postdoc at Georgia Tech.

Rachel Aronow, B.A., 2017
Aronow R.A., Herbst W., Hughes A.M., Wilner D.J. and Winn J. N. (2018) Optical and radio observations of the T Tauri binary KH 15D (V582 Mon); Stellar properties, disk mass limit, and discovery of a CO outflow, AJ 155:1. Now a PhD student at UMass Amherst

Julian Dann, B.A., 2017
"Our Stellar Neighborhood: Analysis of the Local Interstellar Medium using Absorption Spectroscopy" now a research associate at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Girish Duvvuri, B.A., 2017
"Necroplanetology: Disrupted Planetary Material Transiting WD1145+017" Now a Ph.D. student at University of Colorado

Avi Stein, B.A., 2017
Stein A. J. and Gilmore M. S. (2017) GIS-based data pipeline for the extraction of radar emissivity and dielectric constant values for physiographic surface units on Venus, 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conf., Abstract #1183. Now in the Programming sector

Julia Zachary, B.A., 2017
"Measuring the Local ISM Along the Sight Lines of the Two Voyager Spacecraft with HST/STIS" now mission support specialist for the Chandra X-ray Observatory at the Smithsonian Astronomical Observatory

Dr. Jesse Tarnas, B.A., 2016
"Transit, secondary eclipse, and phase curve analysis to characterize Kepler exoplanets" Ph.D. Brown University, now at Blue Origin

Sarah Kopac, Ph.D., 2015
"Ecological dimensions in diversification of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus lichenformisNow a postdoc at University of Connecticut

Dr. Nicole Arulanantham, M.A., 2015
"Examining the Near-Infrared Properties of KH 15D with Spitzer Photometry and GNIRS Spectra"  Ph.D. University of Colorado, Now a Giacconi Fellow at the Space Telescope Science Institute

Lisa Korn, M.A., 2015
"Carbonate and Silicate Minerals in a Gullied Crater within Eridania Basin, Terra Sirenum, Mars"  Project Geologist at HTE Northeast, Inc.

Sam Factor M.A., 2015
ALMA Observations of Molecular Gas Emission from a Protoplanetary Disk in the Orion Nebula Cluster" Now a Ph.D. student at University of Texas, Austin

Ama Essuman, B.A., 2015
Where did the Water Go? Modeling the Diffusion of Hydrogen in Lunar Apatite" Master's at UCLA, now an Engineer at Jacobs

Dr. Gregory Wong, B.A., 2015
Copper tolerance of spores of B. subtilis" Ph.D. Penn State

Daniel Brugioni, B.A., 2015
"Geomorphology of a Crater Region within the Eridania Basin, Mars: Construction of a Geologic Map" Now a graduate student at Colorado School of Mines

Jack Singer, B.A., 2015
"New Clues from our Moon's Explosive Past: Volatile Contents of Lunar Melt inclusions" Master's of Forestry, Yale, now at Pacific Forest Trust

Jesse Lieman-Sifry, B.A., 2015
"The Mysterious Case of 49 Ceti: A Gas-Rich Debris Disk and its Implications for Planet Formation" now working on medical imaging for Arterys 

Dilovan Serindag, B.A., 2015
"Analyzing Kepler Exoplanets from their Optical Phase Curves" 

Dr. Amy Steele, M.A., 2014
"Resolved Millimeter-wavelength Observations of Debris Disks around Sun-like Stars" Ph.D. University of Maryland

Eric Edelman, M.A., 2014
"Tracing the Evolution and Impact of the Stellar Winds of Solar-like Stars" now the Planetarium Director at Emory-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ

L. Miché Aaron, B.A., 2014
MS Sam Houston State Univ., now a Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Dr. Peter Martin, B.A., 2014
"Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Potential Martian Brines" Ph.D., Caltech

Raquel Martinez, M.A., 2013
"Searching for Spectral Signatures of the Hidden Secondary Component of BM Ori: Improved Spectroscopic Findings" Now a Ph.D. student at the Univ. of Texas, Austin

Dr. Diana Windemuth, M.A., 2013
"Dramatic Evolution of the Disk-Shaped Secondary in the Orion Trapezium Star θ1 Ori B1 (BM Ori): MOST Satellite Observations" Ph.D, Astronomy & Astrobiology, Univ. of Washington

Patrick Harner, M.A., 2013
"Potential Martian Evaporites and their Spectral Signatures" MS Univ. of Arizona, JD College of William and Mary

Dr. Keenan Golder, M.A., 2013
"Geomorphology of Eridania Basin, Mars: A Study of the Evolution of Chaotic Terrain and a Paleolake" Ph.D. Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, now Assistant Professor, Roane State Community College

Craig Malamut, M.A., 2013
"Mapping the Local Interstellar Medium with High-Resolution UV Absorption Spectroscopy" Now in New York City pursuing science outreach through animation

Dr. James Dottin, B.A., 2013
"Can Merrillite Provide Information on Water in Martian Meteorites? Preliminary Results From Los Angeles and QUE 94201" Ph.D., Univ. of Marlyand, now faculty at Brown

Dr. Holly Capelo, M.A., 2012
"Optical and Near-IR Studies of KH 15D: Locating the Trailing Edge of the Protostellar Circumbinary Ring" PhD Univ. of Göttingen, Germany, now Faculty of Science Univ. Bern

Jakob Schaeffer, M.A., 2012
"Guiding Light in the Shadow of Distant Worlds: An Autoguider for the 0.6m Perkin Research Telescope" Now at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL

Dr. Julia Mulhern, B.A., 2012
"Using Tessera Terrain to Investigate Fold Belt Topography in Ovda Regio, Venus" PhD Univ. of Utah, now a geologist at Shell

Rebecca Snelling B.A., 2012
"Chemical variation within the Talcott flood basalt, Connecticut " Now working in the environmental sector

Jane Wiedenbeck, M.A., 2011
"Characterization of bacterial evolution: the importance of ecology and the rate of divergence on species formation" Now in the Green Corps

Katherine Wyman, M.A., 2011
"Probing Our Heliospheric History: Constructing a Density Profile of the ISM in the Sun's Rearview Mirror" 

Laura Anderson, B.A., 2011
Gilmore M. S., Thompson D. R., Anderson L. J., Karamzadeh N., Mandrake L., Castaño R. (2011) Superpixel segmentation for analysis of hyperspectral datasets, with application to CRISM data, M3 data, and Ariadnes Chaos, Mars, J. Geophys. Res., doi:10.1029/2010JE003763.

Dr. Marshall Johnson, B.A., 2011
"The Shadows of Distant Worlds: Exoplanetary Transit Timing Using the Perkin Telescope" PhD Univeristy of Texas, Austin, now a Research Scientist at the Las Cumbres Observatory

Margaret Selzer, M.A., 2010
"Characterizing the optical properties of Coclodinuium polykrikoides: Implications for the remote sensing of harmful algal blooms in the Peconic Estuary, NY"

Erin Arai, M.A., 2010
"Effective Temperature Variations of a Transiting Exoplanet Host Star" now a PhD student in engineering at Boston University

Amanda Thompson, M.A., 2010
"Kinetics of hydrogen isotope fractionation in gypsum: Planetary and terrestrial applications" Now at the Museum of Science, Boston

Tristan Kading, M.A., 2010
"Acid volcanic fluids at Copahue Argentina: Analogs for ancient fluids at Meridiani Planum, Mars" Now a Ph.D. student at WHOI

Dr. Emily Leiner, B.A., 2010
“Analyzing light curves of transiting extrasolar planets"  PhD, University of Wisconsin, now a NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University

Dr. Samantha Lawler, M.A., 2009
"The gas component of KH15D's circumbinary disk" Ph.D., University of British Columbia, now an Assistant Professor at Campion College 

Dr. Tanya Harrison, M.A., 2008
“Origin and Composition of the Light-Toned Layered Deposits in Iani Chaos, Mars” Worked Malin Space Science Systems, PhD University of Western Ontario, now a postdoc at ASU

Dr. Ann Ollila, M.A., 2007
“Temperature analysis of gullied slopes on Mars: Evidence for a thermal control on gully formation” Ph.D. in Planetary Sciences at UNM, now at Chevron

Beck Straley, B.A., 2007
“Mapping and structural analysis of SW Tellus Regio, Venus” Now working in the environmental sector

Dr. Cassie Fallscheer, M.A., 2006
"Young stars and disks" Ph.D. from the Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, now a Lecturer in Physics at Central Washington University

Dr. Nina Lanza, M.A., 2006
“Geometry of martian hillside gullies in the northern hemisphere: evidence for an insolation-driven mechanism of formation” PhD in Planetary Sciences from UNM, now at Los Alamos National Lab

Dr. Maya Gomes, B.A., 2006
"Jarosite formation at Sulfur Springs, St. Lucia, WI as a Mars analogue" PhD Northwestern, now faculty at Johns Hopkins Univ.

Sarah Dunagan, M.A., 2005
"Foliar accumulation of mercury and its effects on the reflectance spectra of vegetation in Connecticut" Now a research scientist at the Silent Spring Institute

Matthew Merrill, M.A., 2005
"Autonomous mineral detectors for future Mars exploration missions" Now at the USGS, Reston

Mary Hui, B.A., 2005
"Variability in the ONC: Periods, slow variables, and X-ray flares", Now working in the finance sector

Naomi Goldenson, B.A., 2005
"Slope Stability for Granular Materials Under External Vibration" M.A. in Planetary Geology at Arizona State University; now a Ph.D. student in Atmospheric Sciences at the Univ. of Washington

Carl Cervone, B.A., 2004
"Assessing soil loss and its impact on agrarian livelihoods: A case study of the village of Kambi ya Simba, Tanzania" Officer with the Multi-Environmental Society (MESO), Tanzania

Dr. Catrina Hamilton-Drager, Ph.D., 2003
Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Dickinson College

Dr. Cheney Shreve, M.A., 2003
“Estimating the coverage of P. australis in the wetland regions of the Connecticut River using remotely sensed data” Ph.D., University of Virginia, now a technical engineer at ITT Visual Information Solutions

Taras Gapotchenko, M.A., 2002
“Use of ocean color remote sensing in the study of primary productivity and anoxia in Long Island Sound”

Eleyne Phillips, B.A., 2002
Gilmore M. S. and Phillips E .L. (2002) Role of aquicludes in formation of Martian gullies, Geology 30, 1107-1110. Staff at Earthquake Science Center, USGS Menlo Park

Dr. Ian Garrick-Bethell, B.A., 2002
Associate Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, UC Santa Cruz

Dr. Shoshanna Cole, B.A., 1999
Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Ithaca College

Dr. Richard Ernst, B.A., 1978
Scientist-in-Residence, Dept. of Earth Science, Carleton University

Dr. Robert Nelson, M.A., 1969
Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Institute, Activist

Dr. William V. Boynton, B.A., 1966
Professor, Dept. of Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona

Dr. E. Myles Standish, B.A., 1960, M.A., 1962
Jet Propulsion Laboratory