Student Employment

Department of Psychology

Contact Information

If you have any work-study questions, or if you are interested in a position at the
Psychology Department, contact Margaret Loomer, Budget/Grants Coordinator, x2848, Judd Hall Rm. 107-A.

Student Employment Positions

Click on: Office of Financial Aid Student Employment

Timesheets and Payroll Dates Timesheets 
Timesheets are located on the partition wall in Judd 208. Weekly payday is Friday, except noted holidays. Timesheet hours are due Monday at 10:00am for the prior week.

 Policies of the Department:

A checklist/agreement is signed at the onset of employment stating:

  1. Work study eligibility will be confirmed.
  2.  Employment concludes each semester when the allotment is used up, except in cases when it continues by permission of the faculty, with faculty funding.
  3. Students will not work other jobs that will impact the work study funds available.
  4. Students will commit to a # of hours/week on average (no more than 10 hrs/wk during the academic year), agreed upon by you and faculty supervisor.


Payroll Dates 

Please check the Office of Financial Aid Student Employment website for payroll dates. 

Payroll dates are noted on the timesheet.