Spring 2020

Psychology Poster Session
Thursday, April 23, 2020
11:40am - 1:20pm
Beckham Hall

Deadlines for Submitting Poster for Printing & Abstract:

  • Poster files are emailed to Jennifer Platt, manager of Print Services,
  • If you are only presenting at the Psychology poster session (which is Thurs., April 23), Jennifer Platt needs your poster document by 9 AM on Wednesday, April 15.
  • If you are presenting at the Psychology poster session and the NMS poster session (which is Fri., April 26), Jennifer Platt needs your poster document by 9 AM on Wednesday, April 17.
  • If you are presenting only at the NSM poster session (which is Fri., April 24), Jennifer Platt needs your poster document by 9 AM on Monday, April 20.
  • Poster abstract due by Wednesday, April 17 to Cathy Race, --- The sooner the better.

Poster Design and Submission:

  • Psychology Specific Formatting:
    • All students must include their title and adviser’s or instructor's name at the top of their poster.
    • All students must include the Wesleyan stamp on their posters:  Wes-Black or Wes-Red.
    • Posters must be 40″ wide and 30″ high. A poster submitted larger or smaller than these measurements will be automatically resized. This may affect the outcome of the poster, so please be attentive.
    • All students should have a final review of their poster with their adviser/instructor at least two days before deadline. A suggestion is to send a snap shot of the poster to faculty, especially for redos.
    • All files must be submitted as a pdf or tiff.  Powerpoint files will not be accepted.
  • Guidelines on Poster Design and Submission:
    • CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on creating a poster and submitting the final poster.

Poster Printing, Payment and Pick-up:

  • The department will pay for posters submitted by Jen’s deadline.
  • The department will not pay for posters that have to be reprinted. Check your work!
  • Do not pick up your poster yourself. Cathy Race will arranged to pick up all posters and have them set up at the poster session.
  • After the poster session, Cathy will reclaim all posters, unless students are presenting at the NSM poster session.

Poster Abstract:

  • Email the following information to Cathy Race (
    • Poster title
    • Presenter/s of poster (if a group poster, one person should be designated to submit abstract)
    • Advisor's name
    • A short abstract (150-200 words)
    • Due by Wednesday, April 15

Click here for 2019 Abstracts