Quantitative Analysis Center

Summer 2008 Project List

  • “The international effects of school resources on eight-grader academic achievement.” Jeremy Berkowitz ’10. Sponsor: Daniel Long (sociology)

  • “The Value of a Contract: Chinese Provincial Variation in Utilized vs Contracted Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Flows.” Kin Yan Chew ’09. Sponsor Abigail Hornstein (economics)

  • “Eye Movements and Decision Making Behavior in Indecisive Individuals.” Joanna Dicke ’10. Sponsors: Barbara Juhasz and Andrea Patalano (psychology)

  • “Emotional Control and Trichotillomania: Subtypes and Phenomenology.” Lauren D. Feld ’11. Sponsor: Anna Shusterman (psychology)

  • “Production of the Word “Two” in 18-39 Month Olds.” Dominic Gibson ’10. Sponsor: Anna Shusterman (psychology)

  • “Nocturnal Eating: Association with Obesity, Binge Eating, and Psychological Distress.” Kate Harvey ’10. Sponsors: Ruth Striegel-Moore and Francine Rosselli (psychology)

  • “The Shift to the Left in Latin American Politics.” Kara Hayward ’10 Sponsor: Francisco Rodriguez (economics and Latin American studies)

  • “Trends in the Working Poor” Colin Hill ’10. Sponsor: Wendy Rayack (economics)

  • “Regulation or Repression? Economic Effects of the 2000 Tokyo Bank Tax.” Peter Hull ’10. Sponsor: Masami Imai (economics)

  • “Learning the Meanings of Large Number Words.” Kyle MacDonald ’10. Sponsor: Hilary Barth (psychology)

  • “How Efficient is Your Bank? A Stochastic Frontier Approach.” Jimmy F. Ong Jr. ’09. Sponsor: Emmanuel Kaparakis (QAC)

  • “Uncalled Liability and Risk in British Equities, 1870-1914.” James Pesuit ’10. Sponsor: Richard Grossman (economics)

  • “The Earned Income Tax Credit and the Changing face of Welfare Provision.” Aneliya Valcova ’09. Sponsor: Wendy Rayack (economics)

  • “What Influences the “Private School Effect?” Madeline Weiss ’09. Sponsor: Daniel Long (sociology)