Hazel Quantitative Analysis Center

Data science is an integral component of virtually every academic, business, public sector, and political endeavor in today's world.

The Hazel Quantitative Analysis Center (QAC) provides quantitative education and research support for students and faculty across the curriculum.

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    For Students

    The QAC provides quantitative education and support through coursework, tutoring, drop-in hours, data labs, and advanced training opportunities.

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    The QAC offers courses on quantitative methods, from data collection and cleaning, data exploration and visualization, model building and prediction, to the communication of results. Courses incorporate training on a wide variety of platforms and computing environments, including R, Stata, SAS, Excel, GIS, and SQL. High performance computing (HPC) is available for computationally intensive methods and data processing at scale. Courses are applied, project-based and employ real world data.

    Tutoring sessions and drop-in help for quantitative analysis and statistical computing are available six days a week.

    An intensive summer apprenticeship offers students an intensive training experience in quantitative methods and statistical computing, while they work on faculty sponsored research.

    A Data Science Minor and Applied Data Science Certificate offer students an opportunity to develop and document their growing quantitative skills.

    QAC faculty are also available to consult with students on research projects, theses, and dissertations. Students can request help through the consultation request form.

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    For Faculty

    The QAC provides support for faculty research and teaching through consultation, customized workshops and research assistant training.

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    Faculty sponsored summer research apprentices receive intensive quantitative training along with time and support for their research roles.

    QAC faculty are available for research, statistical and computing consultation. We can also create and deliver custom workshops on quantitative topics. Interested faculty are encouraged to contact us via the consultation request form.