Baker '64 Collabria Fellowship in Data Analysis 

The Baker '64 Collabria Fellowship in data analysis supports the continuance of student-faculty collaborative research projects that require data analysis (and potentially the use of HPC tools) during the summer. It is awarded to a rising senior who has so far demonstrated intellectual and moral excellence and a strong interest in data analysis. Funding for the fellowship is through the Collabria Wesleyan Endowed Summer Grant Fund, which was established by Dr. Stephen R. Baker '64 in 2018 

An RFP is posted every February (1st week) soliciting applications from interested students through an on-line form. 

Application Materials List 

  1. Project proposal 
  2. Student statement (How does a summer fellowship research experience relate to your academic and professional goals) 
  3. Collaborating faculty statement (Project’s academic and pedagogical merit) 
  4. Other faculty support letter(s). At least one letter of support/reference is required (support for the project and recommendation for the student researcher). On you application you will list the name(s) of the faculty and we will contact them for the letter. 

Typically the deadline for the proposal coincides with the end of the spring break.