The Quantitative Analysis Center is deeply involved in educational initiatives that expand learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting.  Check out the links below to learn more about these exciting programs.

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    Passion Driven Statistics

    Developed by Lisa Dierker and Jennifer Rose, the Passion Driven Statistics curriculum allows students to discover statistical methods and statistical computing in a way that is both exciting and empowering. Students generate hypotheses based on real-world data, prepare the data for analysis, conduct descriptive and inferential statistical analyses, and present their research findings to both expert and novice audiences. QAC201, is based on this curriculum.
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    Delta Lab

    Led by Erica Fowler, the DELTA Lab supports student-centered data analysis of political advertising and news. The lab's mission is to make sense of the media messaging reaching citizens and to present these findings in a compelling way to both journalists and citizens. The lab serves as a testing ground for new and innovative analyses of political advertising and media with student learning as a central focus.
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    Praxis Lab

    Led by Jennifer Rose, the Praxis Learning Lab give students an opportunity to develop their analytical skills as they work closely with nonprofit community partners on data analytic projects.
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    Travelers Lab

    The Traveler’s Lab is a multi-campus international research hub housed at Wesleyan University. It supports a network of scholars and students that are interested in the movement of information (news, messages, knowledge) and the people and networks that carried them around the world before the advent of industrial travel.
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    High Performance Computing

    The Scientific Computing & Informatics Center (SCIC) offers high performance computing and robust analytic software for data analysis tasks that require computer intensive methods and data processing at scale. Tutoring is available for a variety of programming languages and software packages.
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    The QAC, led by Valerie Nazzaro, hosts the annual ASA DataFest™, a celebration of data. Teams of undergraduate student work together over an intensive weekend to analyze and share insights into a large, complex data set. Awards are given, food is provided, and everyone is welcome!