Religion Majors in Education

Rhyan Toledo '12 College Success Counselor Bottom Line
Zoe Jick '11 Faculty Member BINA-The Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv
Lightning Jay '09 History Teacher, 5th Grade
Molly O'Connell '09 Middle and High School Science Teacher Brooklyn and the Bronx, NY
Emily Einhorn '08 Teacher of Biology and Religion St. David's School, NYC
Nicole Stone '02 Teacher
Qigong Instructor (movement meditation)
Noel De La Rosa '01 Chief of Staff, Office of 
Postsecondary Readiness
NYC Department of Education
James Howson '98 Social Studies Teacher City Honors School, Buffalo, NY
Neily Buff '97 Director Education Citrix Systems
Laura Davidson Ross '93 Head of Upper School,
(leading PK-12 independent school)
Greenhill School, Dallas, TX
Jay Hardwig '92 Program Manager
Teacher for the Visually Impaired
A Brighter Path Foundation
Emily Miser Welch '78 Kindergarten Teacher Lowell Public Schools, MA