About the Minor

Admission to the Minor

To enter the minor, students should submit a request via the Major/Minor/Certificate Declaration link in their portfolio and e-mail the chair of their interest.

Minor Requirements

Students wishing to complete the minor must take six courses, arranged as follows:

  • RELI151 (Introduction to the Study of Religion) with a grade of B- or higher
  • Two courses in at least two areas of “Historical Traditions,” as listed in our Description of Programs in Religion. In this category there are both survey courses (generally numbered at the 200-level) and seminars (generally numbered at the 300-level).
  • Three additional courses of the student’s choice. One of these courses may include RELI398 (Majors Colloquium), though this is not required.

Generally, tutorials and student forums do not count, though the chair may count one after hearing compelling reasons from the student.

Religion courses must be taken for credit with standard letter grading, though special cases may be considered by the chair.