Tutorials and Honors

Department Policy on Tutorials

Students wishing to arrange individual or group tutorials with departmental faculty must submit a proposal to the prospective tutor no later than the last day of classes during the preceding term. Priority will be given to senior thesis projects, projects growing out of courses with the tutor and specialized projects of department majors.

Honors Program

Religion majors with a B+ (88.3) average in the department may choose to write a senior honors thesis Department Thesis Guidelines or do an equivalent (two-semester) project. A candidate for honors must submit to the Department Chair a 2-3 page proposal abstract and bibliography by the last Friday of April. The proposal should be a description of the intellectual problem of the thesis and the method to be used (whether it will be historical, ethnographic, etc.).  Students should list three faculty members who would make good thesis tutors, in order of preference.  The department will determine which theses will move forward with which faculty, and may possibly reject some proposals. Students will be notified of the department's decision before classes end in May.  First stage General Education requirements need to be completed by graduation in order for Honors or High Honors to be awarded.  High honors may be awarded after the student's work has been submitted for a departmental colloquium.