The First 120 Hours


If you want to talk to someone about your experience, here are some options.



Emergency: 911 or Public Safety (860-685-3333)

You also have the right to access medical care, including an Evidence Collection Kit at Middlesex Hospital. The formal option for preserving evidence, whether someone decides to pursue a criminal legal investigation or not, is to have an Evidence Collection Kit completed at your local hospital emergency room.

In deciding what options is best for you, it is recommended that an Evidence Collection Kit be completed within 120 hours (5 days)* of experiencing sexual violence.

*This timeline is decided based on the degradation rate of DNA and biological material. 120 hours or 5 days is the recommended "window" to have the Evidence Collection Kit completed, because it is less likely that evidence will still be present outside of this window. 

If this option feels like it is something you would like to explore, there are many individuals who can support you in accessing this resource.

  • A counselor at the Women and Families' Center (WFC) can accompany students to the Emergency Room and support you during the Evidence Collection Kit process. 
  • Public Safety can provide rides to the hospital
  • You can contact a Davison Health Center provider prior to visiting the ER, who can then alert the ER, and the ER staff can make sure appropriate support staff and a WFC Advocate is available for you.
  • CAPS Therapists and the Counselors/Advocates at the WFC are on-call 24/7, if you would like support after or before taking this step.
  • The SHAPE Director is available to answer questions or concerns you may have about the process in anticipation of going to the hospital. 

You also have the right to access care at Davison Health Center for routine STI testing, pregnancy testing, emergency contraception, and sexual health wellness exams. Please note, an Evidence Collection Kit cannot be completed at Davison Health Center.

For information about your medical options following an experience of sexual assault, reviewing the SHAPE Office's website on Hospital Advocacy & Evidence Collection Kits may be helpful.