President's Statement

Our mission—to provide an education in the liberal arts that is characterized by boldness, rigor, and practical idealism—is not changing, but we pursue that mission in light of changes in the world around us. Most importantly, we intend to move aggressively to pursue our mission beyond the borders of the Middletown campus. We have long had “impact disproportionate to our numbers,” and now we will expand that impact by inviting more people around the world to join our lifelong network of learning.

—Michael S. Roth '78, President of Wesleyan University


Wesleyan University is dedicated to providing an education in the liberal arts that is characterized by boldness, rigor, and practical idealism. At Wesleyan, distinguished scholar-teachers work closely with students, taking advantage of fluidity among disciplines to explore the world with a variety of tools. The University seeks to build a diverse, energetic community of students, faculty, and staff who think critically and creatively and who value independence of mind and generosity of spirit.


To be bold, we must never be complacent. It is necessary to continually reexamine our vision for the future and maintain clear goals and objectives. It is only through this process that we can foster continued growth.

“The ferment and mood for innovation and experiment went on, and although they have had their ebbs and flows, they have never stopped. Neither has the dialogue; and for one who was as thirsty as I was, both for the college’s sake and for my own, it has been champagne to the soul.”

Wesleyan’s 11th president

Enhance Our


In 2031 Wesleyan University will be widely recognized for offering a creative, rigorous, pragmatic liberal education that fosters personal development and social responsibility while empowering graduates to shape a changing world. Going beyond the traditional liberal arts college model, the University’s programs, on campus and beyond, will attract accomplished and adventurous learners at various stages in their lives who have an appetite for bold inquiry and creative practice grounded in an inclusive community.

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In 2031 Wesleyan will be internationally known as a creative force for expanding access to bold and rigorous liberal learning and for empowering its alumni to have a powerful impact on the world.

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In 2031 Wesleyan will depend on traditional undergraduate tuition for a smaller portion of its budget, which will allow the University to invest resources in its program, financial aid, facilities, and research.

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