In 2031 Wesleyan will be internationally known as a creative force for expanding access to bold and rigorous liberal learning and for empowering its alumni to have a powerful impact on the world.


  • Highlight what makes Wesleyan distinctive
    • Establish Wesleyan as a hub for engagement, arts and culture, service, and transformation—an axis for ideas, innovative thinking, and connections
    • Establish the University as a destination for talented faculty, students, and staff
    • Establish the University as a prime opportunity for investment and philanthropic support


  • Emphasize power of pragmatic liberal learning
    • Make the case for liberal learning as lifelong endeavor
    • Show the connections between meaningful work and liberal education
    • Cultivate in students the sense that in coming to Wesleyan they are joining a lifelong network of learning


"A place where rich veins of thought and experiment would flourish... for the good of the individual educated, and the good of the world."


Wesleyan’s First President