Getting to Know Professors

Some of the most rewarding relationships you can develop during and beyond college are those you develop with your professors.

Organized by Rachel Chung

Tips for getting to know your faculty

Not only can professors provide extra help and inspiration in your classes, but they can also assist with recommendations needed for your life beyond Wes. Reach out to your professors - they are most likely more than happy to talk to you!

Go to office hours

  • Set a goal to visit office hours for each class at least once during the first month of the semester
  • Arrive with questions: write down questions you have or did not get to ask during class
  • If you don’t have specific questions, go broader: ask about a bigger concept, ask about the faculty’s field of study, ask about the major

Have lunch

  • Daniel Family Commons (DFC) Student-Faculty Free Lunch Program
    • Faculty members may take small groups of students to the DFC during the academic year free of charge
    • The cashier will ask the faculty member to sign your group in upon your arrival
    • If your advisor or favorite faculty member does not invite you, consider inviting them to lunch instead and mention this program!
  • Share A Meal with Students Program
    • Faculty or staff can join students for a meal at the Usdan Marketplace
    • Their WesID card can be swiped for a meal free of charge up to three times a year
    • Invite a faculty or staff member to join you for lunch, or organize a group of students (your friends, coworkers, or classmates) to invite a faculty or staff member to dinner, such as your supervisor, instructor, or advisor! 

Attend talk or event

  • Attending a talk or event that a professor is a part of (if you know of one) allows you to learn more about the professor's interests and expertise while also giving you another topic to talk about with that professor!

Visit a major open house

  • These events typically happen early in the semester and are great for not only getting to know a potential major, but also for getting to talk to multiple professors in a department