Meet the Peer Advisors

Peer advisors are available to meet individually with students to address specific questions about the course registration process and academic resources, as well as assist in the development of time management, study skills, and exam preparation strategies, and provide academic resources and referrals as needed.

Peer advisors are available during New Student Orientation to help students prepare for individual meetings with faculty advisors, and maintain a regular presence in the residence halls during the academic year. To schedule a meeting, email all of us at or browse through our bios below and email any of us directly.

Meghan Jain 2018

Meghan Jain

Hi! I am Meghan Jain 2018 and I am a rising senior Neuroscience and Behavior (NS&B) major from Chicago, Illinois. I am really excited to be a Peer Advisor and the Intern for Student Academic Resources this coming year. Outside of academics, captain of the Varsity Field Hockey team! I am also involved with the Ski and Snowboard Club, Peer Tutoring, WesMaSS and Research on campus. Outside of campus life, I enjoy going on hikes and to Miller's Pond. This summer, I am working in a lab on campus doing research on eye movements in individuals who have had concussions. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at

Haley Brumberger 2020

Haley Brumberger

Hi! My name is Haley Brumberger, and I am a member of the Class of 2020 here at Wesleyan. I am an English and Earth & Environmental Science double major -- and a minor in the IDEAS (Integrated Design, Engineering, and Applied Science) program -- from a suburb outside of Philadelphia, PA. I am a huge Flyers fan (to be honest, I am just a huge hockey fan in general), and I am a captain of the Wesleyan Club Ice Hockey Team. I am also -- in addition to being an Academic Peer Advisor -- a Writing Mentor and a Brother of the Co-Ed fraternity on campus, Psi Upsilon. I took a gap year before coming to Wesleyan, and it was a life-changing experience (please feel free to ask me about my year off; it is something I love to talk about). When I arrived at Wesleyan after my gap year, I was pretty committed to pursuing Physics as a major. However, Wesleyan's flexible curriculum allowed me to explore all the different areas of study that I am interested in -- Studio Art, English, Environmental Science, and Math, to name a few -- leading me to realize that I am more excited and passionate about other subjects. Anyway, I would love to answer any questions, address any concerns, or provide some advice on or insight into any problems you may have, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me at I look forward to meeting you in the fall! Welcome to Wes!

Jackie Leete 2019

Jackie Leete

My name is Jackie Leete 2019, and I am a returning Academic Peer Advisor! I am a senior from Fairfield, Iowa majoring in Neuroscience & Behavior. However, I am not only interested in all things STEM, I also love art and the social sciences, so I have taken a variety of studio art classes at Wes, as well as psychology and sociology courses. My favorite extracurricular activity is Wesleyan Science Outreach, in which I volunteer weekly with a group of Wesleyan students at local elementary schools to teach science lessons. Some of my other interests are baking pies and hiking the national parks. I am looking forward to working with the class of 2022 (and transfers!) during New Student Orientation, and meeting with students throughout the year. If you have any specific questions about Wes, or any general questions/concerns about your transition to college, please reach out to me at

Allison Galante 2020

Allison Galante

Hello! Many name is Allison Galante 2020. I'm a junior from Queens, New York double-majoring in Neuroscience & Behavior and Science in Society. I look forward to working with many of you this year, and would love to answer any questions about academics, clubs, and study skills or just chat about life at Wesleyan! Outside of my classes, I am a research assistant in the Eye Movement and Reading Lab where we run experiments to see how words are processed and organized in our mental lexicon. I am passionate about Rho Epsilon Pi, Wesleyan's only sorority, and am excited to serve as treasurer this semester. I am also a tutor for WesReads where I work with middle schoolers at Macdonough School, as well as a peer tutor on campus for intro biology classes. In my free time I like watching Netflix, running, and reading! Contact me at

Elizabeth Vann (EV) 2020

Elizabeth Vann, also known as E.V.

Welcome to Wes! My name is Elizabeth Vann 2020 (I go by EV) and I'm a rising junior at Wesleyan. I'm really excited to be working as a peer advisor this year! I grew up in London, England, but attended an American school there. I am a physics and economics double major, also completing the pre-med track, so I have taken a lot of classes across departments! On campus, I tutor for Let's Get Ready, which is a free SAT and college preparation program for local Middletown high school students. I'm a member of the Wesleyan women's soccer team, so I'm happy to answer questions about balancing academics and athletics. I have worked as a research assistant in both a biology and a physics lab, and am the financial manager for Fortune's Fools, a Shakespeare club on campus. If you have any questions about anything I've mentioned above, or more general questions about Wes, please feel free to reach out to me at I can't wait to meet you in the fall!

Joel Miller 2020

Joel Miller

Welcome to Wes! My name is Joel Miller 2020, and I'm from Phoenix, AZ. If anyone is concerned about the transition to college (especially coming from far away) please reach out! I am majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior (NS&B) and am on the pre-med track. I am interested in the field of neuroscience in general and love how new discoveries are constantly being made. On campus, I have worked as a tutor for the local middle school, been involved with startups from Wes grads, and am on the Wesleyan Sailing Team. Outside of academics I love to solo travel and I have done trips to Greece and Italy. I also love to run and explore the surrounding areas of campus with friends- the Durham Dari Serve was one of my biggest discoveries this year! I am here as a resource, along with the other peer advisors, to help you in any way possible. If you have any questions about college life, academics, or simply want to chat, please feel free to email me at

Nick Richards 2020

Nick Richards

My name is Nick Richards 2020, and I am a rising junior from Brooklyn, New York where I attended Midwood HS. I am a biology major and planning on pursuing a career in the sports medicine field. In addition to being a peer advisor next semester I play defensive tackle for the varsity football team and work for catering at Bon Appetit. Aside from science and medicine, I am quite interested in sports and fashion so feel free to strike a conversation with me about either of these topics. In the future I plan on getting more involved in mentoring and other community service orientated projects on and off campus. If you have any questions about the transition to Wes in particular adjusting to academics after attending a public school, or generally any other questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me at

Rachel Chung 2020

Rachel Chung

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel Chung 2020, and I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I'm double majoring in Government & Economics as well as minoring in Data Analysis. I transferred from New York University after my freshman year and also took a gap semester doing internships in Hong Kong while enrolled at Wes. I love the vibrancy and variety of activities that exist on campus! During my time here, I've been involved with the ACLU, Wesleyan Refugee Project, and the international student organization Pangea. I also enjoy dancing and have done dance shows with TERP and Wesleyan's Kpop Dance Group. This upcoming academic year, I'll also be doing Wesleyan's Non-Profit Board Residency Program, a unique program that places students on the board of a local non-profit. In the past, I've helped with research at the Wesleyan Media Project, which analyses political TV advertisements, and the Traveler's Lab, which conducts medieval research with data analysis. Feel free to email me about anything I've mentioned above or general questions about college at I look forward to welcoming everyone to Wesleyan in-person in the fall!

Taylor Dillon 2019

Taylor Dillon

Hi! I'm Taylor Dillon 2019, a rising senior from North Carolina (though I grew up in everyone's favorite state--New Jersey). I'm a Psychology, Neuroscience & Behavior, and Science in Society Program triple-major, but I've also taken courses in Italian Studies, Theater, and Mathematics. Like most students, I came into college thinking I'd be pre-med, but decided to take a different route, so if you're considering pre-med, but aren't completely sure, we can set up an academic plan that keeps your options open and works for you. Whether it's your first year at Wes or you're a returning student, I hope I can help you take full advantage of the open curriculum! Outside of peer advising, I work as an interviewer and tour guide at the Office of Admission, am an active member of Alpha Delta Phi, a research assistant in a psychology lab, and love going to the film series. I also volunteer at Middlesex Hospital and tutor students in Middletown, so if you want to get involved in the greater Middletown community, definitely reach out. My email is Feel free to contact me or another peer advisor for all your academic questions and concerns because we're here to help!