In order to help mitigate health risks and comply with the University's Community Agreement, tutoring will continue to be provided virtually. Students can enroll as a peer tutor, or request a peer tutor, throughout the semester, and we will remain committed to supporting students in the remote tutoring environment.

Peer tutors provide supplementary course-content instruction for students who request them. Peer tutoring is provided free of charge; students can receive up to two hours of tutoring each week per course for which they are matched with a tutor. Peer tutors are employed by the University, and paid by the Deans’ Office.

Tutor-tutee matches are made as quickly as possible. While students may be referred to use the Deans' Peer Tutoring Program, tutees are self-identified, and must complete a request for tutoring in order to be matched with a tutor. Students recommended to be a peer tutor must also self-enroll, and complete the enrollment requirements, before they will be matched with tutees.

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For more information on how to request a peer tutor, please see the Guidelines for Requesting a Peer Tutor
For more information on becoming a peer tutor, please see the Guidelines for Enrolling as a Peer Tutor
For more information on the Deans' Peer Tutoring Program, contact the Deans' Peer Tutoring Program

What students have said about the Deans' Peer Tutoring Program:

  • “[I was matched with] an awesome tutor. Despite her own rigorous academic load, she is attentive and positive during our meetings. I have gained some tools that I can employ to facilitate my own learning in this subject.” – Class of 2018

  • “I am thankful for this tutoring program because I have been able to receive more help and it has bettered my understanding of the course material.” – Class of 2019