Recycling at Wesleyan

  • What You Can Recycle
    • Wesleyan has single stream recycling, which means that glass, metal, plastic, and paper go into the same bin (regardless of what the lid looks like).  If you live in a woodframe house and have small blue curbside bins, you’ll need to separate paper from glass/metal/plastic.
    • For more information on specific items, visit
  • Where You Can Recycle
    • Single stream recycling is available in all academic, administrative, and residential buildings.  Many smaller non-conventional items (phones, computers, ink cartridges, string lights, batteries, and more) can be recycled in Exley lobby by Pi Café.
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  • Residential Composting

    Residential Composting

  • Quick Guide to Composting

    • Allowed—vegetables, fruits (no whole fruits or veggies), grains, coffee grinds, tea bags, leaves, grass clippings, wood chips, shredded newspaper, any nondairy, nonmeat, nonoily food

    It is best to start the bin with a layer of "browns" that include dried leaves, shredded newspaper, or dried grass clippings. Put food waste ("greens"—with the exception of meat, dairy, and oil) in bin. If the compost is too wet or smells, add a layer of browns on top. You will get the best results from your compost if you aerate it once in a while with a stick or broom handle (just stick it down in the compost and make a hole in different places) and turn (stir) the compost occasionally as well. Other than that, let Mother Earth, heat, decomposition, chemical reactions, and, of course, worms, do the rest!